A Year End Note

December 2018

Environmental Education through Audubon Naturalist Society's

Stone and Holt Weeks Nature Field Trip Scholarship

As the Administrator and Members of the Advisory Board of The Stone and Holt Weeks Foundation, we wanted to write this year's December message to thank you for your continuing support and to ask that you remember The Foundation in your year-end charitable giving.

Through these last nine years, The Foundation has awarded grants totaling over $475,000 to multiple organizations working to benefit those most in need. This is a testament to Stone and to Holt, who were -- and continue to be -- an inspiration for others to further the work they engaged in during their all too brief lives. Please see more about the work of The Foundation.

Your generous support will ensure that The Foundation can continue to fund -- and increase giving to -- these organizations for many years to come. And it will enable The Foundation to respond to people in need and disaster relief efforts, as we did this year in Florida, California, Indonesia, and Yemen -- all humanitarian actions that would have unquestionably engaged Holt and Stone.

Our Foundation is a component fund of the Greater Washington Community Foundation. All contributions are tax deductible. When you make a donation to The Stone and Holt Weeks Foundation, 98.9 percent goes straight to the good causes we support.  The other 1.1 percent goes to the Community Foundation, which handles the accounting and paperwork.

Thank you again.


Susan Park, Administrator

Nathan Barash, Member, Advisory Board

Rob Bouknight, Member, Advisory Board

Sarah Taylor Bower, Member, Advisory Board

Caroline Lacey, Member, Advisory Board