Newsletter Winter 2017

Stone and Holt with Pierre, on Sugarloaf Mountain, Maryland, 1996

Throughout their tragically brief, beautiful lives, Stone and Holt loved to spend time in the natural world.  Whenever possible they hiked -- up Sugarloaf Mountain or along the Potomac River’s Billy Goat Trail. They explored caves. They kayaked. They were fascinated by animals in their natural habitats.

As young boys, they participated in programs -- and took long family walks -- at Woodend, the Audubon Naturalist Society's lovely sanctuary near Washington DC. They were instinctively passionate about protecting the environment. For everyone. 

Our sons' commitment to safeguarding the environment continued as they matured. As the research assistant to historian and writer Douglas Brinkley on The Wilderness Warrior: Theodore Roosevelt and the Crusade for America, Stone enthusiastically told us about Roosevelt's resolve -- through the creation of national parks and monuments -- to save America’s treasures, including the Grand Canyon from private mining interests and the iconic bison from extinction.

As the epic biography states, "Emerson used to quote Francis Bacon as saying that humans were the ministers and interpreters of nature; Roosevelt wanted to add a modern point:  and protectors."

Stone and Holt at the Grand Canyon, 2000