Newsletter Spring 2017

At The Stone and Holt Weeks Humanitarian Award Ceremony

Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity at The University of Delaware

The 8th anniversary of Stone's and Holt's deaths looms, and we know that in many ways we live in the trauma and grief of July, 2009. We will never get over our precious treasures losing their lives so full of light and love and promise.

As we soldier on, The Foundation continues to allow Holt's and Stone's stories to affect and inspire lives. For that, we will always appreciate the generous support of so many.


This spring:  

**  The University of Delaware chapter of Pi Kappa Phi fraternity marks its 10th anniversary. Stone was a founding father of the Theta Nu chapter in 2007. 

As recipient of the annual Stone and Holt Weeks Humanitarian Award  -- presented at the Pi Kappa Phi 10-year commemoration on April 22 -- Dylan Humphrey wrote to us: "It is truly a great honor and I am so proud to have exemplified the traits that Stone and Holt personified."

Humanitarian Award recipient Dylan Humphrey