I cannot adequately express my grief and my sadness over the loss of your sons. Stone was a year below me at St. Andrew’s and we served on the vestry together. He was one of the kindest, most sincere and generous people I’ve ever known, and it was a joy and honor to know him. We also did Habitat for Humanity together and he was always giving 110 percent, never quitting, never complaining, always ready with a joke or a smile and endless energy and enthusiasm. I am proud to have been his friend and I am so, so sorry for your tremendous loss. I wish you all my very best and deepest condolences...

Of Stone, I can easily say that I do not expect to see a man of such integrity, warmth and kindness again.  

 -- Steven Levenson, Astoria NY



I met Holt only two years ago ... [While studying abroad in London], Holt and I traveled together to Seville, York and Durham, and we often saw each other once we returned to Eckerd and kept in touch after he had left for Houston.


... in London, I was surprised and grateful to have found such a fascinating and amicable man to spend a few months with in a new land.


Our time together left me with countless indelible memories and he told me a great deal about you, his parents, and Stone, who I was fortunate enough to meet one time at Eckerd and whom I made out to be good-hearted, smart and sincere, in strict accordance with the man that Holt had often described and spoke of in conversation.


... Holt was a supremely intelligent and good man. He was a force for good in the world and would have undoubtedly continued to be one. Many people die before their time has come, but rarely is their death a loss to society ...


As I continue to explore new ways to engage people with the social reality of the world and I work to expose and fight to correct the injustices in this reality, Holt’s inspiration will never be far from my thoughts.  My next step towards these goals will be the creation of the EC Voice online newspaper, an incipient new media project Breen Eitel and I have been working on and which we will dedicate to Holt.


Holt was one of my friends whose future I was watching with eager anticipation, and he was a wonderful person to be around. I loved him and will intensely miss him.


... Know that in addition to myself there are many of us here you have never heard of who grieve with you.

-- David Trujillo, Seattle, WA


I used to be Stone’s neighbor in the Foxcroft Apartments during our junior year at the University of Delaware and we stayed friends ever since. Some of my favorite college memories are with your son and I wanted you to know what an awesome person he was! My roommate and I would always joke with him and say he was going to be the President one day because of his passion for politics. I hope you both know what a great job you did raising such a great person. I am so lucky to have met him and will never forget him. My heart is heavy with sadness and I hope you will find strength during this horrible time. Your sons may be gone, but while they were here they made such a difference and touched so many people’s lives.

 -- Lauren Funk, Hockessin, DE



As I think back to all the memories I have of your son, Holt, I see nothing but the positive energy that he radiated throughout my time with him [as classmates at Walter Johnson High School.] I move on now with the hope that I can carry that positive energy – that your son blessed me with – for as long as I am alive.

 -- Alex Vostal, Rochester NY


I well remember Stone – probably when he was in elementary school – helping out on Saturdays in the St. Columba’s –Truesdell Education Partnership (STEP) program. He was always positive and had words of encouragement for any project that was going on!

Stone and Holt were always giving of themselves to others. I wish all young people had their strong sense of values.

--Joan Miranowski, Bethesda, MD


I first met Holt our freshman year at Eckerd when we both lived at Delta. He was a much loved member of our Delta family. He was so kind to everyone and always cheerful. He would leave his door wide open with music playing inviting anyone to come in.

He was always making us laugh and always brought energy to any room…He was a true friend to me and to many others. I was shocked when I heard what had happened. You had an amazing son. He was very driven, and with his love of politics, I imagined him interning at the White House someday.

 --Sarah Wright, Atlanta GA


You never met me, but I met your son Stone, when he volunteered at my school his senior year. It was called Christchurch Children’s Center (now we are Rockspring Children’s Center). The kids loved Stone! He was my favorite volunteer and we’ve had many. …We still talk about him.

I’m so sorry for your loss. Stone touched my life and I know he touched 16 four year olds’ lives, too. The kids LOVED him. He was a giant to them and a wonderful person. He talked very fondly of his brother…I will always have very fond memories of Stone. He was gone way too soon.

 --Stephanie Harris, Bethesda MD


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