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Holt Weeks, Stone Weeks, March, 2009

Through unbearable sorrow, and unending love, the Foundation has as its

mission to carry on the hopes and dreams

of Stone and Holt in their spirits:  

By raising money for, creating awareness of, sponsoring participants in and

recognizing volunteers for

the many good causes that

they were involved with.


Stone and Holt not only believed, but proved -- through their volunteerism and

incredible vitality -- that you can do good and have fun at the same time. They both

very much wanted to make

this world a better place for all.

And they each had the gift of making everything they did so much fun --with creativity and originality.  

They were young, energetic 

and inseparable.

They were humanitarians, activists and idealists.

The Stone and Holt Weeks Foundation

c/o Greater Washington Community Foundation

1325 G Street NW, Suite 480

Washington, DC 20005

Please send check donations to:

The Stone and Holt Weeks Foundation

Attn:  Finance Department

Greater Washington Community Foundation

P.O. Box 49010

Baltimore, MD  21297-4910

In cooperation with the Greater Washington Community Foundation,

The Stone and Holt Weeks Foundation exists to honor

the memories and the spirits of two brothers, remarkable young men

who were tragically killed by a highway trucking crash in the summer of 2009.

Do Good, Have Fun

....and make the world a better place for all